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Sonia Gandhi praises Gehlot government, says Rajasthan no more a backward state

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Nov 23, 2013 at 03:08pm IST

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi attributed the credit of the rise of Rajasthan as one of the most developed states of India to Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Congress government, while addressing a rally in Kota district of poll-bound Rajasthan on Saturday- her first rally in the state this month.

While on a trip to inaugurate metro and oil refinery projects with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on September 21 and 22, BJP UPA chairperson had addressed two rallies in Rajasthan. During the rallies, she had mostly harped on the policies of the Delhi government and their farmer friendly schemes like Food Security Act and the Land Acquisition Act.

Though she didn't take a dig at her rivals then, the succeeding rallies with the most recent from Jhabua district in another poll-bound state of MP on November 21, saw Sonia Gandhi only taking potshots at BJP: where BJP has gone wrong, how they haven't jailed ministers who are corrupt, how they have snatched lands from farmers, how they are not bothered for poor, how they promise and never deliver, how Narendra Modi is greedy only for power, with perhaps one addition in the end - benefits of Food Security Act and the Land Acquisition Act.

Sonia Gandhi praises Gehlot government, says Rajasthan no more a backward state

Sonia Gandhi praises Gehlot government, says Rajasthan no more a backward state

Her speech at Maharao Umed Singh stadium in Kota on Saturday echoed if not all, most of the above, once again.

"Gehlot government started numerous progressive schemes for the state. We passed the RTI act to put a check on corruption. Rajasthan has now become an educational hub, many new institutions have been set up in the state. Congress has worked for the welfare of the farmers and people unlike BJP who have snatched away their lands," she said.

Accusing BJP of bad-mouthing the Congress, she said," BJP says our medicines are poisonous; I would like to say their mentality is venomous. Congress will continue to work for the welfare and upliftment of the people, no matter how much BJP criticises it. BJP is only greedy to come to power, it is not concerned about the poor."

Infact, this speech and many other election speeches delivered by Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi and many other political leaders in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh in the past few months, evidently are repetitions - mostly barbs at each other- with very little for the voters to take away.

Whether Sonia Gandhi's rhetoric speeches consumed in accusations, allegations and counter-allegations striked a chord with voters of Rajasthan will be clear only once the assembly poll results are out on December 8.


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