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Apr 23, 2009 at 06:25pm IST

Asthmatic student dies in school

New Delhi: The parents of 17-year-old Akkriti Bhatia who died at her school of an asthma attack have now filed a police complaint against the school for negligence. However, the school maintains they did all they could.

Akkriti, a class XII student of Mordern School Vasant Vihar died after suffering from a severe asthma attack while at school on Monday morning. Her parents now accuse the school authorities of negligence.

"It took the school 15 minutes to send Akkriti outside while the car was waiting. She was made to run around for getting signatures and approval from the principal. Just imagine if a person having an asthma attack is made to run around like this, how can she survive?" questioned Akkriti's father, Vipin Bhatia.

However, the school maintains that Akkriti was provided all necessary medical aid soon after the attack. She was taken to the school's medical room and put on nebuliser and oxygen

"Had we not taken her to the hospital we could have been blamed. Had we not provided her with oxygen, we would have been blamed. We did everything we could in the shortest time possible," said Goldy Mahlotra.

But Akkriti's parents allege that instead of rushing her to hospital, the school asked her parents to send for a vehicle. They claim she died because she was taken off oxygen while on the way to hospital.

"Forget the car, forget everything. Had she not been taken off oxygen she would not have died," said Vipin Bhatia.

The family now demands justice. Akkriti's family is devastated but wants necessary action be taken against the school.

"For heaven's sake do something for these kids in the schools," said Akkriti's uncle, Raman.

No case has been registered so far and the autopsy report is awaited.The incident has thrown up the question whether schools are equipped to handle medical emergencies.