Sudeep's 'Varadanayaka' all set to hit theatres

Jul 07, 2012 at 05:14pm IST

Riding high in the box office in Kannada and showing his mettle from 'Eega' Sudeep has completed the shooting for 'Varadanayaka'. Sameera Reddy is his counterpart in the film. Chiranjeevi Saraja plays the sibling to Sudeep with Nikesha Patel as his heroine.

As there is move to dub the good films of Sudeep Kannada films to Telugu, the chance of dubbing 'Varadanayaka' to dub is not there because it is a remake of Telugu film 'Lakshyam'. 'Varadanayaka' is made in Shanker Productions. Only two songs are balance to shoot. Ninety days of shooting was held so far by director Ayyappa P Sharma.

In this 'Varadanayaka' - siblings Saikumar, Ravishanker and Ayyappa Sharma are part of the film. Saikumar and Ravishanker are acting while Ayyappa P Sharma is the director of this film.

Sudeep's 'Varadanayaka' all set to hit theatres

Showing his mettle from 'Eega' Sudeep has completed the shooting for 'Varadanayaka'.

Mukyamantri Chandru, Sharat Lohitashva, Shobaraj, Jai Jagadish, Bullet Prakash, Sharan, Padmaja Rao are also in the cast.

Rakesh is the cameraman, Arjun Janya has done the fresh tunes for this film. Ravi Verma stunts, Mohan B Kere art, Ishwar Editing, Harsha choreography add to this film 'Varadanayaka'.


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