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Feb 05, 2008 at 06:50pm IST

Super Tuesday starts, Hillary has edge

New Delhi: It's Super Tuesday in New York and voting has begun. Whether the voters are casting their ballots for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will be known only when results are declared.

However, Hillary is widely believed to have the edge over Obama. New York being her home state, her support among women and older voters is reported to be solid.

Obama is expected to draw younger voters, but many among them may prefer to go for the parade being held to celebrate the victory of the local football team the Giants in the recent Super Bowl.

This is how the Democrats stand in the race to the White House:

Hillary Clinton is leading the Democratic race so far. She has won-over delegates in four states — Florida, Nevada, Michigan and New Hampshire.

In South Carolina, the delegates have voted for Barack Obama, who also won the Iowa primaries and now totals the support of 158 delegates.

Obama has benefited from younger voters and much of Hollywood.

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