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Jun 15, 2010 at 01:02pm IST

Superpower India? Raghav Bahl's book says yes

New Delhi: Is India ready for superpower status? Or are we irretrievably behind in the game of catch-up with China? What are our key strengths and weaknesses, and what unique things do we have to contribute to the global community in the 21st century?

Network18 Managing Editor Raghav Bahl answers these questions in his book Superpower? The Amazing Race Between China’s Hare and India’s Tortoise.

Superpower?, which will be published by Penguin Books India, is already being called as one most definitive books on the subject.

“A unique and gripping account of the evolving geo-politics and the role of India and China in a transformational shift, this book will be of much interest to policymakers and investors alike,” says Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma.

Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Enterprises, says the book is “insightful”

“An insightful narration on the two most talked about nations in the world today, India and China. Raghav has delved into events, both current and historical, to compare and contrast the economic environment, polity and society,” says Mittal.

K V Kamath, Chairman of ICICI Bank Ltd, praises the book as “lucid, entertaining, articulate and readable”. ‘Raghav brings to bear his unique perspective as a journalist and entrepreneur to a discussion of history, economics and politics, presenting a broad sweep of information and ideas in an immensely lucid, entertaining, articulate and readable way. Un-put-down-able!’ says Kamath.

In the race to superpower status, who is likely to breast the tap-- China’s hare or India’s tortoise? China’s spectacular sweep, compared to India’s relatively mild rise, could tempt an easy answer. But history unfolds over time, and Bahl argues that the winner of the race with the biggest stakes ever might not be determined by who is investing more and growing faster today, but by something slightly more intangible: who has superior innovation and more entrepreneurial savvy and is grappling with and expanding in the most intensely competitive conditions. And, at the end, it might come down to just one deciding factor: can India fix its governance before China repairs its politics?

With telling insights into the two Asian powers’ history, politics, economy and culture; Superpower? The Amazing Race Between China’s Hare and India’s Tortoise is a brilliantly written, superbly documented, rich and comprehensive account of the race to dominance between the two neighbours. For anyone looking to understand China and India and the ways in which these two nations are about to change the history of the world, this is the book to read.

About the author

Raghav Bahl is the founder, controlling shareholder and editor of Network18, India’s largest television news and business network which is home to CNN and CNBC in India and also publishes Forbes India. He has been instrumental in crafting successful joint ventures with such media giants as NBC Universal, Viacom, Time Warner and Forbes. In a short span of seventeen years, Network18 has achieved a market capitalization in excess of $ 0.75 billion.

Bahl has over twenty-two years of experience in television and journalism. He won the prestigious Sanskriti Award for journalism in 1994, and founded TV18 (now Network18 Group) in 1993. A widely admired entrepreneur, Bahl was hailed as a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum and selected by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Transformation in 2007.

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