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May 07, 2008 at 01:47am IST

Shobhaa De writes about incredible India

New Delhi: Shobhaa De may still be the the final word on steamy writing in the country, but don't go looking for that in her latest book, Superstar India

From incredible to unstoppable is the 60-year-old's take on India. Nevertheless, she still sets cash registers ringing for publisher Penguin with an initial pre-sold print run of 40,000 copies.

She writes about how phirangs (foreigners) see us, how we see phirangs, how we have high-rollers and appalling poverty, how the Ma (mother) Generation has transformed and led to the Me Generation and how the Me Generation wants it all.

There's also De on Rakhi Sawant as the ultimate symbol of female power and then her take on Mayawati as the country's future, and India is scared she says!

Of course, politics is not her strongest point, so she ends her political ramblings on "the dimpled prince with a penchant for faux pas" — she's talking Rahul Gandhi of course, and calling him "seriously cute, nevertheless".

But it's not as if no one has noticed Rahul Gandhi's dimples or faux pas before, or even the potholes India faces on its journey to economic success.

So if you're reading this book, it has to be for Shobhaa De herself. Don't come here looking for serious insight — that is, unless you live in an ivory-tower or of course, if you're a foreigner looking for a quick read on India.

It shouldn't take you more than a couple days to get through and it's no strain on the brain either.