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Jul 01, 2012 at 12:52pm IST

Surjeet to move court to prove he was Indian spy

Punjab: Surjeet Singh is now a free man but his fight for justice is far from over. The recently released prisoner who was held in Pakistan for 31 years is upset with the Indian government for disowning him. He says he will move court to prove that he was spying for the Indian Army.

His life now is a blur of meetings with family, friends and well-wishers. In the few days since he was freed, Surjeet has learnt that his brothers, sisters and a son have died. Surjeet says that since he lost his youth in jail there is nothing much he can do for his family.

Still, there's much joy in the household too, from simple guessing games from old friends who test his memory to hours of reliving faded memories. For his wife, Harbans Kaur, who had to struggle to bring up his family, it's a chance to cook his favourite dishes. Harbans says he was treated well in jail but freedom is priceless.

But Surjeet is also a man with a mission. Bitter that the Indian government denied that he was a spy for India, Surjeet wants to prove otherwise. The man who was convicted and sentenced to death for spying says he will move court if need be to seek justice, and recognition.

"No one crosses the border just like that. Someone sends them that's why they go… I was sent by the Army," Surjeet said.

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