Sep 22, 2007 at 04:10pm IST

Sush makes designer's ordinary outfit look better

Mumbai: Actor Sushmita Sen’s free time is certainly not getting wasted these days.

The actor appeared on the ramp, once again, for a fashion show in an all Indian avatar.

Mumbai based designer Maheka Mirpuri's Khawahish’s collection focused on the festive season with loads of Indian embellishments.

DOING JUSTICE: Sushmita Sen walked the ramp displaying designer Maheka Mirpuri's Khawahish’s’s creation.

But making Sushmita look like a princess in her words did work, simply because Sush having lost a lot of weight, managed to make the fairly ordinary outfit look better.

And what she said for the designer, made her work sound a lot better too.

"Every girl wants to be a princess and Maheka has made that dream come alive. Every woman will look beautiful in her Indian creations,” said Sushmita.

It was a well said. And now if only some of that luck she rubbed off on that outfit, she could rub onto her films.