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Feb 05, 2008 at 12:15am IST

3 LeT suspects to undergo narco tes

Bangalore: The Karnataka Corps of Detectives (CoD) have decided to subject the three recently arrested Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terror suspects, Asadulla Abubakar, Riyazuddin Nazir and Mohd Asif, to a narco-analysis test with the hope of nabbing more people who could have been enlisted for terror organisations sleeper cells.

However, given the time that has elapsed since their arrest, it maybe a little too late for the narco-analysis as the alleged terrorists may have had enough time to tip off their aides.

“Certainly we have to verify whether it's true that he informed someone or what it led to. We'll certainly pursue that line -- whether who informed and how,” DGP Corps of Detectives Dr Ajai Kumar Singh said.

“I'm told there were two people on the motorbike and no one else got away, but the possibility that there were other people in the group elsewhere is always there,” Singh added.

The CoD have already alerted other states, including Andhra Pradesh, on important leads in the case.

“The Karnataka police have all the information that we can share with them,” Singh informed.

The state police have been successful in foiling the plans of the terrorist organisation so far, but extracting information can prove to be tough as the main accused, Nazir, the main accused, has undergone anti-interrogation training.

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