May 02, 2008 at 06:24pm IST

Suspended umpire denies comments on Sreesanth

New Delhi: A few days after he was suspended from two IPL matches for commenting on Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh, Umpire Amish Saheba has categorically denied giving any kind of interview to the Mumbai-based daily that had published the comments.

The BCCI had earlier issued a show-cause notice to him on the matter.

Saheba told BCCI: "As far as the subject of publication in Mumbai Mirror is concerned, I may state that no person has spoken to me in person or telephone, or taken any interview putting up any question to me, whereby I was asked to give any answer as reported in the said Daily."

The umpire has added a reporter of Ahmedabad Mirror had visited his residence on April 28, a day before his 'comments' appeared in the newspaper.

Saheba has told BCCI: "I was not given to understand that he wants my photograph for any of the report which ultimately came to be published in Ahmedabad Mirror as well as Mumbai Mirror. There was no such type of conversation or communication."

Amish Saheba was suspended by BCCI for two matches for his remarks against pacer S Sreesanth.

Saheba was subjected to disciplinary action for making the statement about Sreesanth's conduct during the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab in Mohali where Harbhajan had slapped the Kerala speedster.

In the interview to the newspaper — which the umpire now denies having given — Saheba had allegedly said that Sreesanth indulged in sledging right through the match.

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