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Oct 31, 2006 at 07:48pm IST

Tabu makes designer entry at LIFW

Mumbai: Fashion weeks are about new-kids on the block as much as its about established designers and Bollywood catwalks. Bengali designers Dev and Nil made a splash on day one of the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

The designers attribute their success to Bollywood actress Tabu who first noticed their designs and gave the two their 'much-deserved' break buying their outfits and endorsing them in the fashion fraternity.

"At a beauty saloon in Kolkata I saw some of their designs while turning pages of a magazine," said Tabu at the curtain raiser event of the fashion week.

FASHION QUOTES: Tabu was seen hobnobbing with designers at the Lakme India Fashion Week.

"Usually people don't associate me with fashion. There have been quite a few media persons asking me what am I doing here?" she added.

Designers Dev and Nil thank Tabu for recognizing their designing talents. "When she called us we were completely surprised. We had not expected that Tabu would call us and ask details of our designs," designer Nil said.

Sticking to a subtle style, their clothes ranked high on the 'wear-ability quotient'. Though the collection had nothing 'wow', it turned out as nice breezy line with muted dull tones, red shoes but sans accessories.

The traditional sari made a huge comeback in the backdrop of some cool jazz music. In total, the collection emerged as 'tailor-made' for people who have a taste for the finer things in life.