Feb 06, 2013 at 01:45pm IST

Tamil actor Padmapriya appologises to director Nishath for misconduct

The Malayalam director Nishath filed a complaint against actor Padmapriya recently after he signed her for his 'Number 66 Madura Bus'. His complaint was filed at the Producers' Union.

The director accused Padmapriya, for not turning up for the film's shooting for a lot of days and also had complaind that she turned up very late even on the days she decided to show up.

This has in turn taken the toll on the team and caused a huge loss to the producer Nishath.

Actor Padmapriya appologises to director Nishant

A complaint against actor Padmapriya was recently filed after, Nishant signed her for his 'Number 66 Madura Bus'.

Even after Padmapriya's manager got an extra sum of money in her name, her tantrums continued.

And so, there was a ban placed on this actress temporarily.

However, follow the series of events, the actor went up to the producers' Union and apologised for this trouble and the ban was lifted after deciding to giving her another chance.