Feb 04, 2013 at 11:43am IST

Tamil comedian Vadivelu makes a come back in 'Potta Potti'

Director Yuvaraj made his debut in Kollywood with the cricket comedy film 'Potta Potti'. The latest news is that he has planned on doing a new film.

Also, the hero of this film is none other than Vadivelu. The comedian who was missed in Kollywood for quite a while is back with a bang, not just as a comedian but also as the hero of a film.

This film which is to be produced by AGS Entertainment Pvt Ltd is still undecided about it's cast and crew.

Tamil actor Vadivelu makes a come back in 'Potta Potti'

A cricket comedy 'Potta Potti', will have actor Vadivel not only in his come back role but also in the lead.