Jan 23, 2013 at 01:21pm IST

Prefectionists Rahman, Ratnam re-record 'Kadal' music

Renowned director Mani Ratnam who is mainly for his unique style and depth in movies is a thorough professional who worships perfection than any thing.

This attitude can be well observed in his various works of art. Mani Ratnam stays throughout the post production, and nothing passes on to the film without his nod.

Such dedication is surely praiseworthy. He and AR Rahman have been busy holed up in the AR Rahman's studio finishing the re-recording of his next production 'Kadal'.

Prefectionists Rahman, Ratnam re-record 'Kadal' music

Written by Jeyamohan, 'Kadal' is a romantic thriller and is ready for a February release.

Mani Ratnam is also busy running about for the last minute release issues of the same film. We hope he sees the best of the release on the 1st of February for all this hard work.

So we really wish him a lot of luck!