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Jan 01, 2013 at 01:53pm IST

Jayalalithaa issues steps for women's safety, demands death for rapists

Chennai: Tamil Nadu has become the first state to issue tough measures to deal with crimes against women after the horrific Delhi gangrape shocked the nation. In a statement, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has asked for existing laws to be amended to allow for chemical castration and death to rapists. She has promised fast-track Mahila courts as well and an exclusive helpline. Police in civilian clothing will be deployed at places where women turn out in large numbers as well.

Jayalalithaa, in a statement, mentioned a slew of measures that would be undertaken to ensure safety of women in Tamil Nadu.

"Sexual harassment against women will be considered as a grave crime and will be investigated under the supervision of the senior level police officers. Sexual harassment cases will be viewed by district SPs and range DIG on a monthly basis. All pending cases in court and investigations on sexual harassment and rape cases will be reviewed by top police officials and speed up the process to get justice," the statement said.

It added, "Goondas Act in Tamil Nadu will be amended to punish rapists. Fast track Mahila courts will be set up in all districts to deal with crime against women and women advocates will be appointed as government's pleaders.

"The state would ask for existing laws should be amended to pronounce chemical castration and death sentence for rapists. The Tamil Nadu will undertake medical expenses of rape and sexual harassment victims and provide rehabilitation."

The statement added that an exclusive helpline for women will be launched as soon as possible. "CCTV cameras will be used to identify criminals who harass women. Police in civilian clothes will be deployed at places where women turn out in large numbers," the statement said.

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