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Dec 01, 2007 at 01:11am IST

Tamil Nadu politicians bat for a positive cause

Chennai: A quick run as Senthil and his team battle to win a match against Chennai's politicians. Senthil and his team members are all HIV positive.

The 12 over match was organised by the NGO, ICWO, to mark the World AIDS Day on December 1. While Senthil's team lost, they say it's not all about winning.

"Though we lost, we enjoyed the game a lot as it made us forget everything and we could mix with everyone as equals,"says Senthil.

ICWO Chairman, Hariharan adds, "The idea was to bring together people who form the policies along with those who are actually suffering."

Reports suggest that from 5 lakh people in 2001, the number of HIV patients in Tamil Nadu has come down to 1.7 lakh. And initiatives like these make a huge difference. At the match, politicians from DMK, PMK and even the Opposition BJP pitched in.

DMK Councillor, S Paramasivam says, "Playing here was like going to a temple. It gave us a lot of happiness as we could interact with people affected by HIV AIDS and also have fun."

Politicians are always batting for a cause, but atleast this time, it was for a positive one.