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Nov 01, 2008 at 10:22pm IST

Tamil stars share dais for the Lankan Tamils

Chennai: It isn’t everyday that one sees the superstars of Tamil cinema on one stage.

The superstar, the universal actor, the ultimate star…they all came together for a day-long fast to protest the killing of Lankan Tamils.

Incidentally, Sri Lankan Tamils, who buy overseas rights of Tamil films, are a huge money spinner for the film industry.

Actor Rajinikanth said, "Sri Lankan government has weapon power, man power but they still have not been able to win in 30 years now. Are they all brave men?"

"This is a world problem. Wherever it happens it should be condemned. Genocide was condemned even during the period of Hitler. The world should come together and oppose such an act," said Kamal Hassan.

Only last week directors from the film industry had held a fast at Rameshwaram and in their quest to prove that they are better than the rest in the Sri Lankan Tamil cause, directors Seeman and Aamir had made blatant pro-LTTE speeches for which they landed up in jail like politician Vaiko.

Those arrests perhaps lingered in the minds of the stars and the macho heroes of Tamil Cinema were careful not to make speeches that could land them in trouble.

However, beneath this show of emotions, there is a deep commercial reason.

Tamil films have a huge audience amongst the Sri Lankan Tamils and the stars hope that skipping meals for a day could help them in the Sri Lankan box office.

The star fast may hardly change things in Sri Lanka, but in Tamil Nadu where the line between politics and cinema is blurred, the actors have proved yet again that they are as good as the politicians when it comes to posturing on an emotive issue.

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