Aug 29, 2012 at 11:52am IST

Tanks brimming with water due to heavy rains

 Of late, tanks in the district are brimming with water thanks to copious rainfall in the past few days.

 On Thursday last, a rainfall of 66 mm was recorded in the district, the highest on a single day in nearly 16 years.

 The previous record was 66.4 mm on October 20, 1996.

 According to chief planning officer M Sudharshanam, the abundant rainfall in the district in the past one week has rekindled the hopes of farmers in the district.

 An average rainfall of 22.6 mm was recorded on Saturday, he added.

 Meanwhile, the Dhaniyan tank at CK Palle and Madkasira tank have developed breaches due to heavy inflows of flood water.

 However, the officials acted swiftly and took steps to close the breaches.

 The Penugonda Adadhakulapalle tank, Bogasamudram tank, Bhrammanapalle tank in Puttaparthi, Dhramavaram tank, Bukkapatnam tank and almost all the check-dams are full of water.

 The Chunnampalle Tegada tank in Odicheruvu mandal is overflowing for the first time in 30 years.

 Some low-lying areas of Tadipatri town, Narpla and Bukkrayasamudram are inundated with overflowing drains.

 Farmers who have taken up groundnut cultivation are upbeat as adequate rainfall has been recorded for cultivation of the crop.

 Initially groundnut cultivation has been taken up in only 1.5 lakh hectares till the end of June this year as against the normal 9.5 lakh hectares.

 However, due to availability of water in July, farmers have taken up the crop in an additional 7.5 lakh hectares.