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Jun 19, 2013 at 02:31pm IST

Tata Motors launches 8 new improved models

Tata Motors has launched eight products to mark 'HorizonNext', its new strategy for its passenger car business. 'HorizonNext' is all about evolution rather than revolution. So, not surprisingly, all the eight products showcased at the company's plant in Pune encompassing cars and utility vehicles, are refreshes rather than all-new products.

These include the Indigo eCS, the Sumo Gold and Nano besides Indica, Indigo and Tata's CNG lineup of cars. The CNG lineup includes the Nano (called emax), the Indica and the Indigo. Tata Motors also announced the launch of the Safari Storme Explorer edition. The common thread connecting these refreshes are the improvements made in the drivetrain, interior look and feel, features, ride and handling, besides exterior changes of course.

Select variants will be phased in the next 90 days. According to Tata Motors, these refreshes mark a new direction for Tata Motors. The company now wants to focus on excellence and speed - speed in improving products to match the best in the segment, and speed in bringing out new offerings.

Tata Motors launches 8 new improved models

These include the Indigo eCS, the Sumo Gold and Nano besides Indica, Indigo and Tata's CNG lineup of cars.

The focus will be on technology, on improving existing technology and fine-tuning it to function better. Improvement in ergonomics, interior quality and features are other focus areas for Tata Motors as part of this strategy. The company added that it was its new mission to bring about desirable products that will make sense not just today but in the future as well.

The HorizonNext strategy stands on four pillars - products, quality, sales and service. On the product end, Tata Motors will not only bring its current products up to date, but is also readying itself with products that will remain in the reckoning till 2020.

On the quality end, Tata Motors will work on the design, manufacturing and production aspects of the business to get them up to speed with the competition. Sales is another crucial area for Tata Motors going forward. The company intends to improve its existing dealerships with more customer focus while on the service end, it will launch 11 new service programs in the next two weeks to take service quality to the top.