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Jun 01, 2012 at 09:59am IST

Tata's JUSCO changes the face of Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: Tata's JUSCO is a company that takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. It is the equivalent of a municipal corporation for Jamshedpur, providing 24-hour portable drinking water, uninterrupted power supply and infrastructure for the local population.

For the not-so-privileged of Jamshepdur, a regular day begins stocking up drinking water from a tanker. A free service by the Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited, popularly called JUSCO, the TATA Steel enterprise provides water to people residing in the rural vicinity of the steel city.

JUSCO, which is India's first corporate integrated urban infrastructure service provider, is the equivalent of a municipal corporation in the 64-square kilometre steel city. With 24-hour portable drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, amusement parks, stadiums, sprawling roads, JUSCO has altered the meaning of life.

JUSCO DGM AP Singh said, "The entire gamut of services provided by JUSCO, be it water management, power, municipal solid waste management, any customer, who wants to lodge a complain can request at JUSCO Sahyog Kendra, which is basically a call centre concept".

Unlike any other city, JUSCO runs a 24-hour single window call centre for registering complaints. The ORG-MARG survey has rated Jamshedpur as the second amongst its peer towns for the quality of life.

JUSCO's water management system has been recognised both nationally and internationally. The water treatment facility, comparable to international standards, manages 500 kms of pipe network with a mere one per cent leakage and internationally-awarded water testing lab.

JUSCO has redefined the way a city can be maintained with clean roads, lush green parks and the best of the civic amenities made available to residents. Courtesy JUSCO, Jamshedpur has emerged as a city which can put most Indian cities to shame in terms of maintenance of civic services. The JUSCO model if replicated and practised by the government municipal corporations could change the facet of many worn-out looking cities.

Meanwhile, life outside the JUSCO command area is an eye sore with garbage, pigs squatting in the open, erratic power and water supply and potholed roads.

JUSCO MD Manish Sharma said, "One difference is that the decision making process, planning process is different in Municipal and in JUSCO. They are very different."

JUSCO has turned into a new business opportunity for the Tatas in the municipal management sector, an example of how a private enterprise can ensure the good life.

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