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Mar 06, 2009 at 02:58am IST

TC, Cong caught over seat-sharing tussle

Kolkata: When it comes to seat sharing business, the Trinamool Congress (TC) and the Congress seem to have no mutual understanding.

TC leader Mamata Banerjee won't respond till everything is settled. To begin with she will gift the Congress only 14 of the 42 seats.

Congress general secretary Veerappa Moily said, “Naturally, there will be some discussion after all it is an argumentative India.”

Trinamool and Congress claim to be natural allies. They have argued that their secular credentials make them a more viable alternative than the Trinamool-BJP alliance. But seat sharing will always remain a major stumbling block because they share the same political space.

The Congress would have been happy with 14, if Trinamool would have given them a few winnable seats. The seats that Trinamool has offered include quite a few scheduled caste and scheduled tribe seats. These are seats where the Congress has little or no influence. For the moment, Mamata won't budge an inch.

In the meantime, she is busy displaying her latest catch – an aggrieved CPM MP who has come over to Trinamool.

Abu Ayesh Mondal said, "I have been ignored and I have been hurt that is why I can't stay in CPI."

Only four days ago, TC and the Congress made a perfect picture of bonhomie and understanding. However, it hasn't taken long for both sides to understand that political marriages are born out of opportunism and convenience.

(With inputs from Sougato Mukhopadhya)