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Sep 04, 2014 at 12:45pm IST

Teachers must be ahead of times for the society to progress: PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: One day before Teachers' Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed teachers at an event in the capital. He said that it was essential for teachers to be ahead of the times for society to progress.

"If our teacher is not a few steps ahead of time, the society will not be ahead," Modi said.

Remembering his days as a student, Modi said, "I still remember my teachers and the lessons they taught me. I had a wish to meet all my childhood friends, invited them when I became the Gujarat chief minister, felt great."

Meanwhile, schools are prepared to show Modi's Teachers' Day speech live to students on September 5. As per government sources no private school has objected to the directives. Although the HRD ministry insists it is not mandatory, a strict directive has been sent to schools.

While the Indian Constitution puts education into state list, most of the schools are complying with the Centre's order.

After Prime Minister mingling with children after the Independence Day celebration, a more elaborate interaction with a much larger footprint on Teacher's Day planned by the HRD ministry has sparked controversy. The ministry plans to show Narendra Modi's speech and subsequent interaction with children across the country via TV and webcast. But the students are not too please that they will have to stay back in school till 5 pm for it.

Though the HRD Minister claims attendance is not mandatory, arrangements in schools are on in full swing. Many schools have given a leeway to junior students and those living far off while many have also changed school timings.

"We have rescheduled our programmes that means fun part where students play teachers would not happen," said a private school principal.

As per sources in the HRD Ministry no private school has formally complained or refused to comply so far. A few states like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are objecting to the idea. Some schools in Tamil Nadu have said that they will not toe the HRD Ministry's directive. But those students who are participating are excited about the opportunity to directly interact with the PM.