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Sep 30, 2012 at 08:40am IST

Andhra government on tenterhooks as Hyderabad set for Telangana rally

Hyderabad: The Nizams' City - Hyderabad - is all set for a massive rally on Sunday in support of a separate state - Telangana. The Hussain Sagar lake will be focus of the rally which is expected to be attended by all parties. The Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) has promised a peaceful demonstration. However, the authorities are not taking any chances and there is unprecedented security all across the city.

The worried Andhra Pradesh government has kept its fingers crossed, even after the police has given permission for the rally to be held between 3.00 and 7.00 pm. Several paramilitary platoons have been called in. Preventive arrests have been made and barricades put up.

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The security measures have, however, irked the rally organisers. M Kodandaram, the Chairman of the TJAC, said, "We will be peaceful as long as the police doesn't provoke us. They shouldn't arrest us. If the government keeps their part of the promise, we will assure a peaceful rally."

The worry that is eating the Andhra Pradesh government is that the rally coincides with the Ganesh immersion festivities which will continue till Sunday afternoon. Also, the city is set to host the first international biodiversity summit on Monday, and any violence during the rally could prove to be a disaster.

Thousands are expected to gather at the protest venue on Sunday as a show of strength by the TJAC. An apprehension of violence, however, has kept the police on its toes. The big question is whether Telangana supporters will be able to send out a peaceful message to the Centre regarding their demand or will the area around the iconic Hussain Sagar lake turn into yet another zone of confrontation.

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