Jul 25, 2012 at 10:40am IST

It's Shekar vs Puri Jagannadh on August 15

Call it co-incidence or deliberate, Shekar Kammula is bound to clash with Puri Jagannadh for a second time. It was on September 28, 2007, that 'Happy Days' and 'Chirutha' were released. Quite incidentally, again, it was the second that a Kammula film was pitting itself against a big release. 'Anand' was released on the same day as Chiranjeevi's 'Shankardada MBBS'. It was, as Kammula later said, quite indeliberate.

Interestingly enough, Tollywood's finest filmmaker i.e., Kammula would be clashing with the industry's most prolific director i.e., PJ on August 15. As you know well, 'Life is Beautiful' is scheduled for I-Day release. As the situation would have it, 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu' has been postponed indefinitely for a good one month now. Due to the new releases, theatres are choc-a-bloc. This explains why 'DCM' had to wait for a grand release. Thus the postponement.

Thus, the clash is, for this time also, unplanned. It was clearly 'Happy Days' which got universal appreciation, while 'Chirutha' was an average farer at the BO. A feel good, youthful, film is pitted against a full-on comedy. Let's see who will win the race this time.

It's Shekar vs Puri Jagannadh on August 15

Shekar's 'Life is Beautiful' and Puri Jagannadh's 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu' will hit the screens on the same day.