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Jun 19, 2007 at 07:04am IST

Chiranjeevi in tears post-film fest

Hyderabad: Actor Chiranjeevi burst into tears during celebrations to mark the Telugu film industry's 75th year.

“We are one, we'll be one and we are all for you. We did one great album with all actors, actresses, artists and technicians. Please watch it, enjoy it and most importantly try to get the real message from it. Everyone from now on should work towards becoming one,” says Chiranjeevi.

These dialogues might seem to be straight from a Telugu blockbuster of the star but it was an emotional request from the Andhra film industry's demi-god Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi was reacting to verbal attacks from contemporary star Mohan Babu, who had also rejected an award given to him at the ceremony.

“It is one family and I have been treated as the head of the family for the last 30 years. So it is a prayer from me, if anybody does a mistake, for my sake, forgive and forget once for all,” Union Minister and Telugu actor, Dasari Narayana Rao says.

Mohan Babu, who is said to have had misunderstandings for over two decades with Chiranjeevi now, has reportedly been using every opportunity to launch verbal attacks on the star.

By the end of the show, Chiranjeevi returned his award to the industry, remarking that he would take the award during the 100-year celebrations, if everyone thinks he deserves it.

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