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May 09, 2013 at 09:22am IST

Terrafugia unveils a four-seater flying car

New York: Stuck in traffic jam? Use your car's flying button. Seriously! US scientists have designed a gen-next flying car capable of taking off vertically and flying completely on its own - and it could be on the roads within a decade.

An ambitious US engineering company has released images of the flying car, the four-passenger TF-X, and it won't require a pilot's license to operate.

TF-X is a hybrid electric flying car designed to revolutionise personal travel with advanced technology and intelligent vehicle systems that greatly simplify safe personal flight.

Terrafugia unveils a four-seater flying car

The Terrafugia TF-X flying car can take off vertically and has a flying range of 805 km.

The Terrafugia TF-X flying car can take off vertically and has a flying range of 805 km. Once airborne, the two propellers fold back and propulsion is handled by an engine mounted behind the cockpit, 'New York Daily News' reported.

Everything from take-off, to flying, and eventual touch-down at the chosen destination will be handled automatically by the Terrafugia.

The manufacturers claim the TF-X is a plug-in hybrid. Electric motors handle road driving, and assist during takeoff and landing.

Terrafugia claims its road-legal and highly automated flying car could be on the road (and in the air) within 8-12 years. The TF-X's vast array of sensors and GPS monitors make flying to a destination as simple as punching in an address in current satellite-navigation devices.

The TF-X calculates the total distance, and determines whether there is suitable fuel range.

Factors such as current weather conditions, to restricted airspace and a suitable first-alternate landing location are calculated into the trip, the report said.

Terrafugia estimates it takes just five hours of practise to learn to drive and fly a TF-X. The Transition flying car has already undergone a number of test flights.