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Mar 16, 2008 at 07:26am IST

Thampu resigns as St Stephen's principal

New Delhi: After much drama, it’s finally curtains for Reverend Valson Thampu’s innings at Delhi’s prestigious St Stephen’s College. Thampu - the Officer on Special Duty at the college - has resigned from the post of principal and will continue in the current post till March 18.

The move comes after a High Court order that directed Delhi University and St stephens' supreme council to strictly adhere to the ordinances of the UGC.

The court had also made clear that no appointments will be made till the next hearing on April 29. All appointments made by Thampu till now are also likely to be annulled.

The court upheld a writ petition filed by Sheetal Singh and has directed the St Stephen's supreme council and Delhi University to strictly adhere to UGC guidelines in the appointment of its new principal.

It implies the contention of the supreme council that St Stephen's being a minority institution is not bound by university guidelines stands rejected.

All appointments made by the supreme council will be reviewed by the High Court and the court can quash an appointment if it so desires.

Since his appointment in May 2007, St Stephen's supreme council had been bending rules to suit their favoured candidate. Thampu had a PhD in theology that is not recognised by the UGC.

Thampu was doing hearing cases of Allahabad agricultural university while he was in the NCMEI.

He was also a student of the university even though he never informed the commission and never took leave.

The NCMEI in February 2008 had also termed Thampu's appointment at St Stephens as illegal.

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