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Apr 06, 2013 at 09:58pm IST

Thane Municipality goes on demolition drive as a knee-jerk reaction to building collapse

Thane: The police on Saturday finally made a breakthrough in the Thane building collapse with the arrest of two of the building's builders. However, survivors are losing hope as the Municipal Corporation goes into a demolition overdrive.

"I am threatening the Chief Minister. If he doesn't respond, I will go on a strike outside his office. I am 70-year-old and my father has also died as a freedom fighter. I will also die," said Shambhulal Bhanushani, whose manufacturing unit next to the building came down after the Municipality demolished it as a knee-jerk reaction to Thursday's tragedy. Meanwhile, stories of loss and grief continued to pour in as Maharashtra's worst building collapses in decades killed 73 people and injured over 60.

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As the death toll kept climbing, survivors slowly lost hope of being reunited with their relatives. 10-year-old Hasina is now an orphan and 3-year-old Karan has lost his mother and his desolate father is still searching for a missing daughter.

Doctors said 4-year-old Sandhya's eyesight is fine but she will only be able to open her eyes after the swelling goes down. Her mother is no more and there is no news of any other relatives.

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There are more than 20 children that died in the tragedy and many more are in hospitals. An embattled administration went on a demolition drive after mounting pressure to take action against illegal buildings in the area, but this reaction has only thrown up more uncomfortable questions.

It took a building collapse and the death of 73 people for the Thane Municipal Corporation to crack the whip on illegal buildings. The big question remains what prevented the Municipal Corporation from taking action before the building came down.

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