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May 10, 2013 at 09:36am IST

Thane building collapse: Nurse seeks to adopt 6-year-old survivor

Mumbai: Scarred by the loss of her loved ones in the horrific building collapse in Mumbra in Thane - Sandhya Thakkur, after being miraculously rescued was unable to even open her eyes to those tending to her at the hospital. The little girl symbolised the tragedy in Mumbra. But now, there is hope for her. Veena Kandle, a nurse at the Sion hospital believes destiny got them together.

Veena said, "'When the Mumbra collapse happened, we came to know of a child who had lost her family. Since we had any gone in for adoption, we thought why not this child.'

Veena and her family had been in the process of adopting a baby for a few months now. But when Sandhya came along, things changed. During the weeks when Sandhya was in hospital, Veena was drawn to the little girl and has now grown very fond of her.

"I used to meet her at the hospital. She used to ask me to comb her hair, dress her up, take her to the temple or play with her. Till she left she called me Veena mumma and my husband uncle papa," she added.

As Veena and her family get busy over the paperwork, they know it will take a few more months before Sandhya can be declared an orphan - and be put up for adoption. Hoping to make her part of their family, it's a wait the family is happy to undertake.