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Jul 09, 2007 at 11:26am IST

Waters recede, stranded Thar Express chugs on

Jodhpur: Flood waters are receding is Rajasthan and as a result of which there has been some relief for stranded railway passengers.

Cheers rang out as the Thar Express between Jodhpur and Muaba on the Indo Pak border finally rolled into the Jodhpur station.

Most of the passengers had been stuck there since Thursday night after floods in West Rajasthan disrupted rail traffic.

Fifty- five-year old Mohammed Amin had traveled from Karachi in Pakistan to meet relatives in Mumbai and Surat. However, he couldn't return home as planned due to the floods.

In the meantime, his visa also expired. But he was fortunate as the Indian authorities promised to help him.

Says Amin, “The Indian authorities have promised to extend my visa.”

Now Mohammed has reason enough to smile as he is finally heading home. So do many other Pakistani passengers, stranded on the Indian side.

“I am very happy that we are finally going back home,” says another Pakistani passenger, Fatima.

The stranded passengers are finally experiencing relief after having spent the last 72 hours on the railway platform. And they only hope that their journey back home is not disrupted any further.

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