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Feb 11, 2013 at 11:29am IST

The aspirations of a billion people of India will ensure prosperity: Mukesh Ambani

In an exclusive interview to CNN, Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that he was bullish on India and that he was more than thrilled with the India growth story.

Speaking to Fareed Zakaria, Mukesh Ambani added that the aspirations of the Indian people will translate into prosperity.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Fareed Zakaria: Tell me, you have a vantage point to look at the global economy. You run India's largest company. Where do you think we are five years after the financial crisis began?

Mukesh Ambani: Well, I am more optimistic than most. And my view is that this year we will see the beginning of a recovery, particularly in the US... There has been a fundamental transformation in the energy scene in the US. For many decades, we have heard that the US will be independent of foreign imports of energy. Realistically, I can now tell you that it is my judgment that this will happen in the next five or seven years. The US has truly found non-conventional energy in shale oil and gas... I am very bullish on India because it is really the aspiration of a billion people and ours is a country where all the billion people count. There are some countries in the world where one person counts, there are some where the Politburo or 12 people count. The Treaty of India is that all our billion people count and they have aspirations.