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Apr 29, 2008 at 04:22am IST

The bad boys of world sports

New Delhi: The two poster boys of Indian Cricket team, Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth may have been at the centre of the latest cricket controversy, but the aggression, which was responsible for this tiff has been a feature in the sporting world for quite some time.

While Harbhajan Singh was in the news for his alleged racial slur against Symonds, Sreesanth kept his viewers entertained with his overt displays of emotion on the field.

But it's not with the Indian team alone, Pakistan also has its share of bad boys.

BAD BOYS: Footballer Zinadine Zidane's famous headbutt is yet another example of aggession in sporting world.

Last year in September Shoaib Akthar ended an argument with Mohammed Asif by hitting him with a bat.

Australia's Mathew Hayden made sure that his team is not far behind others. After describing Harbhajan Singh as ‘an obnoxious little weed’ on Brisbane Radio, he even went on to express his desire to knock out young Ishant Sharma.

What's more, even the tennis fraternity has its share of fights.

The month of April saw Leander Paes openly criticising his once doubles partner Mahesh Bhuphati.

And who can forget the famous Zidane headbutt.

Drama, tragedy, item number, sports has now become entertainment

And the spirit of the game, it seems, has become passe’ in the aggressive new world of competitive sport

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