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Oct 30, 2012 at 01:34pm IST

'The Dead 2' trailer: The zombies invade India this time

New Delhi: 'One country. 1.2 billion people. One infection'. The trailer of 'The Dead 2' shows a barren Rajasthan with eerily empty houses and miles of sand dunes. Slowly emerging from among the landscape are the Indian undead - turbaned men and women with their heads covered, eyes unfocussed and blood dripping from rotting faces.

The trailer of the sequel to the 2010 zombie classic 'The Dead' by the Ford Brothers was shot in India.

According to this blog, Howard J Ford unveiled the teaser trailer for 'The Dead 2' at the FrightFest Halloween All-nighter, at London's Leicester Square. The screenplay is complete and production is scheduled to start in February or March of 2013.

'The Dead 2' trailer: The zombies invade India

The trailer of 'The Dead 2', the sequel to the 2010 zombie classic 'The Dead', was shot in Rajasthan.

"We have been receiving so much enthusiasm and demand for a sequel we owe it to the fans of 'The Dead' to deliver something that goes way beyond what we could achieve first time around and the starting point was to find the most stunning and varied landscapes where we have not seen the dead walk before. This teaser trailer is just to give people a little flavour of where we’re heading and to find out if the fans are behind it," Ford said.

'The Dead', starring Rob Freeman, Prince David Osei, and David Donton, was set in the coast of Africa and a US military base in Henderson, Nevada.