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Jun 12, 2012 at 01:45pm IST

The Economist Crossword Award's longlist

New Delhi: The Economist and Crossword in association with Principal Retirement Advisors & Standard Chartered Bank released the list of entries for the 'The Economist Crossword Book Award 2011' across all the four categories of Indian Fiction, Non-Fiction, Translation and Children's writing. Each award carries a cash prize of Rs 3 lakhs, a trophy and a citation.

The publishers have nominated eligible authors for awards which will be sent to a panel of judges consisting of literary critics and noted authors. The judges evaluate these entries and a shortlist of 5 books in each category will be drawn during the shortlisting ceremony, scheduled in early September in New Delhi. The final awards ceremony will be held in October, 2012 in Mumbai. The long list this year includes 329 entries received from publishers and authors.

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Here's the full longlist:

The Economist Crossword Award's longlist

The Crossword Book Award recognises and rewards good writing and promotes authors and their books.


1. A Bowlful of Butterflies, Ritu Lalit, Rupa & Co.

2. A Flawed God, Arjun Shekhar, Hachette India

3. A Monsoon of Music, Mitra Phukan, Zubaan Books

4. Adultery and Other Stories, Farrukh Dhondy, Harper Collins India

5. Along the Way, TGC Prasad, Rupa & Co.

6. An Autumn Melody, SS Ahluwalia, Rupa & Co.

7. An Evening In Lucknow, Suresh Kohli, Harper Collins India

8. Another Chance, Ahmed Faiyaz, Grey Oak Publishers

9. Anurima, Rani Dharker, Roli Books

10. As Long As I Love You I Will Let You Hurt Me, Nikhil Mahajan, Srishti Publishers

11. Bali And The Ocean Of Milk, Nilanjan P Choudhury, Harper Collins India

12. Bangalore Calling, Brinda S Narayan, Hachette India

13. Bitter Wormwood, Easterine Kire's, Zubaan Books

14. Black Limericks, Ranjit Lal, Roli Books

15. Blinkers Off, Andaleeb Wajid, Rupa & Co.

16. Blossom Showers A Novel, Giselle Mehta, LeadStart

17. Broken Melodies, Gajra Kottary, Harper Collins India

18. Burnt Toast, Sandy Verma, Rupa & Co.

19. Calcutta Exile, Bunny Suraiya, Harper Collins India

20. Campus Cola, N Sampath Kumar, Rupa & Co.

21. Can Love Happen Twice?, Ravinder Pal Singh, Penguin Books

22. Chai for Beginners, Jane Ainslie, Rupa & Co.

23. Chocolate Guitar Momos, Kenny Deori Basumatary, Westland Books

24. Clear Line of Fire, Badrinath Nuggehalli, Rupa & Co.

25. Conditions Apply, N Kaushik, Rupa & Co.

26. Custody, Manju Kapoor, Random House India

27. Dating Diapers And Denial, Rachna Singh, Alchemy Publisher

28. Desi Stories, Anil CS Rao, Cyberwit

29. Doosra a Tale of Cricket, Rajiv Rajendra, Rupa & Co.

30. Fish in Paneer Soup, Deep Ghatak, Rupa & Co.

31. Focus Sam, Rohit Gore, Rupa & Co.

32. Harappa Files, Sarnath Banerjee, Harper Collins India

33. Haunted, Douglas Misquita, LeadStart

34. Ice Boys And Bell Bottoms, D V Krishna Shastri, Harper Collins India

35. Imperfect Mr Right, Shakti Salgaokar, Popular Prakashan

36. In Pursuit of Ecstasy, S Parashar, Rupa & Co.

37. Injustice, Sanjiv Bhatla, Crab Wise Press

38. Ithaca, David Davidar, Harper Collins India

39. Last Man in Tower, Aravind Adiga, Harper Collins India

40. Last Song of Savio De Souza, Binoo K John, Harper Collins India

41. Life Love Kumbh, Aporva Kala, Srishti Publishers

42. Live from London, Parinda Joshi, Rupa & Co.

43. Lonely Gods, Shivani Singh, Hachette India

44. Love in a Wooden Box, Yateen Suman, LeadStart

45. Love was Never Mine, Kunal Bhardwaj, Cedar Books

46. Luwan of Brida, Sarang Mahajan, Popular Prakashan

47. Mad Tibetan Stories, Deepti Naval, Amaryllis

48. Man of a Thousand Chances, Tulsi Badrinath, Hachette India

49. Map Making, Various Authors, Amarllyis

50. Melancholy of Innocence, Raj Doctor, LeadStart

51. Memsahib Chronicles, Suchita Malik, Rupa & Co.

52. Meshes of Smoke, Nazia Mallick, Dronequill

53. Miss New India, Bharati Mukherjee, Rupa & Co.

54. Missing Varun, Amar Agarwal, LeadStart

55. Murder on a Side Street, Salil Desai, Unicorn Books

56. Night in Kullu, Rita Mathur, Rupa & Co.

57. Noon, Aatish Taseer, Harper Collins India

58. Not Like Most Young Girls, Trisha Ray, Jaico Book House

59. Office Shocks, Sumit Agarwal, Rupa & Co.

60. Ohh Yes I Am Single, Durjoy Datta, Grapevine Publishers

61. Overwinter, Ratika Kapoor, Hachette India

62. Pyramid of Virgin Dreams, Vipul Mitra, Rupa & Co.

63. Rebirth: A Novel, Jahnavi Barua, Penguin Books

64. Release And Other Stories, Rakhshanda Jalil, Harper Collins India

65. Revolution 2020, Chetan Bhagat, Rupa & Co.

66. Rhythms of Darkness, Anjana Basu, Gyaan Books

67. River of Smoke, Amitav Ghosh, Penguin Books

68. Rough with the Smooth, Ram Govardhan, LeadStart

69. Satin, Payal Dhar, Harper Collins India

70. Scammed Confessions of a Confused Accountant, Ahmed Faiyaz, Grey Oak Publishers

71. Scandal Point, Manju Jaidka, Rupa & Co.

72. Show me a Hero, Aditya Sudarshan, Rupa & Co.

73. Sleeping With Movie Stars, Gitanjali Kolanad, Penguin Books

74. Slither: Carnal Prose, Urmilla Deshpande, Westland Books

75. Solo, Rana Dasgupta, Harper Collins India

76. Spotting Veron, Ankush Saika, Rupa & Co.

77. Starstruck, Rajal Pitroda, Harper Collins India

78. Strange Connections, Subha Majumder, LeadStart

79. Tailor Of Giripul, Bulbul Sharma, Harper Collins India

80. Tamasha In Bandargaon, Navneet Jagannathan, Westland Books

81. Tanzeem, Mukul Deva, Harper Collins India

82. The 6 PM Slot, Naomi Datta, Random House India

83. The Body in the Back Seat, Salil Desai, Gyaan Books

84. The Book of Answers, C.Y. Gopinath, Harper Collins India

85. The Cavansite Conspiracy, Manjri Prabhu, Rupa & Co.

86. The Collector's Daughter, S K Das, Rupa & Co.

87. The Company Red, Shantanu Dhar, Om Books International

88. The Cry of the Kingfisher, Belinda Viegas, GOA

89. The Dancing Boy, Ishani Kar Purkayastha, Harper Collins India

90. The Eighth Guest and other Muzaffar Jung Stories, Madhulika Liddle, Hachette India

91. The Folded Earth, Anuradha Roy, Hachette India

92. The Fountain's Magic, Marya Rahator, Mehta Publishing House

93. The Garden of Solitude, Siddhartha Gigoo, Rupa & Co.

94. The Girls Behind The Gunfire, Trisha Ray, Harper Collins India

95. The God Enchanter, Anuradha Majumdar, Harper Collins India

96. The Incredible Banker, Ravi Subramaniam, Rupa & Co.

97. The Ineligible Bachelors, Ruchita Misra, Rupa & Co.

98. The Iron Tooth, Prithvin Rajendran, LeadStart

99. The Kabab Maker, A Sikka, Rupa & Co.

100. The Lotus Queen, Rikin Khamar, Rupa & Co.

101. The Mine, Arnab Ray, Westland Books

102. The Muddy River, P A Krishnan, Westland Books

103. The Newsroom Mafia, Oswald Pereira, Grey Oak Publishers

104. The Nothing Man, Ajay Khullar, Rupa & Co.

105. The Odissi Girl, Donovan Robert, Rupa & Co.

106. The Perfect World: A Journey to Infinite Possibilities, Priya Kumar, Embassy Book Distributors

107. The Quest of the Sparrows, Karthik Sharma, Rupa & Co.

108. The Reluctant Detective, Kiran Manral, Westland Books

109. The Reverse Journey, Vivek Kumar Singh, LeadStart

110. The Rivered Earth, Vikram Seth, Penguin Books

111. The Secret Of The Nagas, Amish, Westland Books

112. The Sly Company of People Who Care, Rahul Bhattacharya, Picador

113. The Songseekers, Saswati Sengupta, Zubaan Books

114. The Storyteller Of Marrakesh, Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, Westland Books

115. The Tree Bride, B Mukherjee, Rupa & Co.

116. The Urban Jungle, Samrat Choudhury, Penguin Books

117. The Vague Woman's Handbook, Devapriya Roy, Harper Collins India

118. The Valley Of Masks, Tarun Tejpal, Harper Collins India

119. The Weight of the Days, Ajay Pisharody, Rupa & Co.

120. The Wrong Chase, Vikrant Shukla, Mehta Publishing House

121. The Year of High Treason, Vithal Rajan, Rupa & Co.

122. There is Never a Last Time For, Vishwajeet Singh and Indresh Kumar, Diamond Pocket Books

123. Third Best, Arjun Rao, Hachette India

124. Three Parts Desire, Shailaja Bajpai, Harper Collins India

125. Three Times Loser, Akash Verma, Srishti Publishers

126. Thunder Demons, Dipika Mukherjee, Gyaan Books

127. Twice Written, K Sridhar, Popular Prakashan

128. Two Fates: The Story Of My Divorce, Judy Balan, Westland Books

129. Two Worlds, Nandita Puri, Rupa & Co.

130. Vinu I Am Getting Married, Vineet Mishra, Alchemy Publisher

131. When Faith Turned Red, Sharad Pagare, Rupa & Co.

132. When Mira Went Forth, S Antony, Rupa & Co.

133. While I Write, K Satchidanandan, Harper Collins India

134. Withered Leaves, Jayanta Ray, LeadStart

135. Yearning Of Seeds, Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih, Harper Collins India

136. You Were My Crush, Durjoy Datta, Grapevine Publishers

137. Zero Percentile 2 0, Neeraj Chhibba, Rupa & Co.


1. 24 Akbar Road, Rasheed Kidwai, Hachette India

2. 3's A Crowd, Vijay Nagaswami, Westland Books

3. 7 Secrets Of Shiva, Devdutt Pattanaik, Westland Books

4. 7 Secrets Of Vishnu, Devdutt Pattanaik, Westland Books

5. 80 Questions To Understand India, Murad Ali Baig, Jaico Book House

6. 99 Thoughts On Ganesha, Devdutt Pattanaik, Jaico Book House

7. A Book Of Memory: Confessions And Reflections, Sudhir Kakar, Penguin Books India

8. A Doctor To Defend: The Binayak Sen Story, Minnie Vaid, Rajpal & Sons

9. A Free Man, Aman Sethi, Random House India

10. A Grief To Bury, Vasanth Kannabiran, Orient Black Swan

11. A Shot At History, Abhinav Bindra & Rohit Brijnath, Harper Collins India

12. Basant Kumar & Sarala Birla - Life Has No Full Stop, Rashme Sehgal, Amaryllis

13. Be A Super Salesperson, Cyrus Gonda & Kalim Khan, Embassy Book Publishers & Distributors

14. Beyond The MBA Hype, Sameer Kamat, Harper Collins India

15. Breaking India: Western Interventions In Dravidian And Dalit Faultlines, Rajiv Malhotra & Aravindan Neelakandan, Amaryllis

16. Brick By Red Brick, T.T. Ram Mohan, Rupa & Co.

17. Champions: How The World Cup Was Won, Suresh Menon, Harper Collins India

18. Chess Variants And Games, A.V. Murali, Leadstart

19. Confessions Of A Serial Dieter, Kallie Purie, Harper Collins India

20. Corporate Nirvana, Sonali Masih-D'Silva, Embassy Book Publishers & Distributors

21. Curry: The Story Of Britain's Favourite Dish, Shrabani Basu, Rupa & Co.

22. Death In Mumbai, Meenal Baghel, Random House India

23. Delhi: 14 Historic Walks, Swapna Liddle, Westland Books

24. Delhi Durbar 1911: The Complete Story, Sunil Raman & Rohit Agarwal, Roli Books

25. Doctor Why Is My Baby Crying, P. V. Vaidyanathan, Rupa & Co.

26. Does He Know A Mother's Heart, Arun Shourie, Harper Collins India

27. Don't Go Away We'll Be Right Back, Indu Balachandran, Westland Books

28. Employee Engagement, Debashish Sengupta & S. Ramadoss, Biztantra

29. Entrepedia A Step By Step Guide To Becoming An Entrepreneur In India, Nandini Vaidynathan, Embassy Book Publishers & Distributors

30. Euphoria The Story Of Palash Sen, Ashish Kate, Harper Collins India

31. Experiencing Tarot, Roopa Patel, Harper Collins India

32. Family Fables And Hidden Heresies: A Memoir Of Mothers And More, Vrinda Nabar, Harper Collins India

33. Good Food Good Living, Karen Anand, Harper Collins India

34. Healing Through Ayurveda, Sonica Krishnan, Rupa & Co.

35. Healing With Homeopathy, Mukesh Batra, Jaico Book House

36. Heart To Heart: Remembering Nainaji, Vidya Rao, Harper Collins India

37. Hello Bastar: The Untold Story Of India'S Maoist Movement, Rahul Pandita, Westland Books

38. His Majesty's Opponent Subhas Chandra Bose And India'S Struggle Against Empire, Sugata Bose, Penguin Books India

39. I Have A Dream, Rashmi Bansal, Westland Books

40. In Quest Of The Last Victory, Navin Gulia, Pearson

41. India: Land Of A Billion Entrepreneurs, Upendra Kachru, Pearson

42. India's Parliamentary Democracy On Trial, Madhav Godbole, Rupa & Co.

43. India's Place In The World, Krishna Chilukuri, Leadstart

44. Indian Mujahideen, Shishir Gupta, Hachette India

45. Intolerant Indian, Gautam Adhikari, Harper Collins India

46. Jihad On Two Fronts, Dilip Hiro, Harper Collins India

47. Journeys Through Rajasthan, Aman Nath, Rupa & Co.

48. JS And The Times Of My Life, Jug Suraiya, Westland Books

49. Kindle Life, Swami Chinmayananda, Jaico Book House

50. Krishna: A Joyous Celebration Of The Divine, Chandrika, Vakils

51. Laughter In The House: 20th Century Parsi Theatre, Meher Marfatia & Sooni Taraporevala, 49/50 Books

52. Livelihood Augmentation In Rainfed Areas, Astad Pastakia & Sachin Oza, Development Support Centre

53. Lost Loves Exploring Rama's Anguish, Arshia Sattar, Penguin Books India

54. Lucknow Boy: A Memoir, Vinod Mehta, Penguin Books India

55. Mafia Queens Of Mumbai, S.H. Zaidi & J. Borges, Westland Books

56. Mumbai Fables, Gyan Prakash, Harper Collins India

57. My Father Baliah, Y. B. Satyanarayana, Harper Collins India

58. Non Stop India, Mark Tully, Penguin Books India

59. Out Of The Blue, Aakaash Chopra, Harper Collins India

60. Pakistan Beyond The Crisis State, Maleeha Lodhi, Rupa & Co.

61. Palmistry: The Mystery Of Destiny, Sunita Chabra, Leadstart

62. Poribortan: An Election Diary, Ruchir Joshi, Harper Collins India

63. Portraits From Ayodhya, Scharada Dubey, Westland Books

64. Pullela Gopi Chand, Sanjay Sharma & Shachi S. Sharma, Rupa & Co.

65. Rabindranath Tagore: An Interpretation, Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, Penguin Books India

66. RD Burman: The Man The Music, Anirudha Bhattacharjee & Balaji Vittal, Harper Collins India

67. Rocky's Table, Rocky Mohan, Harper Collins India

68. Sachin 501 You Didn't Know About The Master Blaster, Suvam Pal, Harper Collins India

69. Scrolls Of Strife, Homen Borgohain, Rupa & Co.

70. Shringara, Alka Pande, Rupa & Co.

71. Skipper, Chetan Narula, Rupa & Co.

72. Solstice At Panipat 14 January 1761, Uday S. Kulkarni, Mula Mutha Publishers

73. Spark Of The Divine, Rajinder Singh, Diamond Pocket Books

74. Step By Step Guide To Start Investing, Deepa Venkatraghvan, Network 18

75. Sunshine, Minakshi Chaudhry, Rupa & Co.

76. Superfoods: Make Your Child A Genius, Amitabh Pandit, Bjain

77. Taj Mahal Foxtrot, Naresh Fernandes, Roli Books

78. Target 3 Billion: Pura Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development, APJ Abdul Kalam & Srijan Pal Singh, Penguin Books India

79. Tathaastu, Sajeev Nair, Rupa & Co.

80. The Asocial Networking, Dhiraj Kumar, Leadstart

81. The Biz World, Ravi Handa & Avinash Maurya, Alchemy Publisher

82. The Business Of Cricket, Shyam Balasubramanian & Vijay Santhanam, Harper Collins India

83. The Caliphate's Soldiers: The Lashkar-E-Tayyeba's Long War, Wilson John, Amaryllis

84. The Complete Mahabharata, Ramesh Menon, Rupa & Co.

85. The Devil's Pack, Balvinder Singh Sandhu & Austin Coutinho, Rupa & Co.

86. The First Spring The Golden Age Of India, Abraham Eraly, Penguin Books India

87. The Fresh Brew, Amitabh Thakur & Amit Haralalka, Alchemy Publisher

88. The Habit Of Winning, Prakash Iyer, Penguin Books India

89. The Illuminator Access To Universal Intelligence, Rajith Rajappan, Strategic Book Publishing

90. The IPL Story, Abhishek Dubey, Pearson

91. The Mahabharata, Shiv K. Kumar, Harper Collins India

92. The Man Who Would Be Queen, Hoshang Merchant, Penguin Books India

93. The Other 99 Percent, Debashis Chatterjee, Jaico Book House

94. The Punjab Bloodied, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Rupa & Co.

95. The TCS Story And Beyond, S Ramadorai, Penguin Books India

96. The Winning Way, Anita Bhogle And Harsha Bhogle, Westland Books

97. The World In Our Time, Tapan Raychaudhuri, Harper Collins India

98. This Is All I Have To Say, Swapan Seth, Roli Books

99. Tinderbox, M.J. Akbar, Harper Collins India

100. Trees Incredible, Madan Mohan Pant, Rupa & Co.

101. Varanasi: Story Of A Civilazation, Raghu Rai, Harper Collins India

102. Water, Brahma Chellaney, Harper Collins India

103. Whatever The Odds, Kushal Pal Singh, Raman Swamy & Ramesh Menon, Harper Collins India

104. Women Awakened, Swati Chopra, Harper Collins India


1. A Night In London, Sajjad Zaheer, Urdu, Translated by Bilal Hashmi, Harper Collins India

2. A Summer Nightmare and Other Poems, Ranajit Das, Bengali, Translated by Nirmal Kanta Bhattacharjee, Rupa & Co.

3. Antharjanam: Memoirs of a Namboodiri Woman, Devaki Nilayamgode, Malayalam, translated by Indira Menon & Radhika Menon, Oxford University Press

4. Birds Beasts and Bandits, Krupakar & Senani, Tamil, Translated by S. R. Ramakrishna, Penguin Books India

5. BT Road / The Hollow, Samaresh Basu, Bengali, Translated by Saugata Ghosh, Harper Collins India

6. Chemmeen, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, Malayalam, Translated by Anita Nair, Harper Collins India

7. Deliverance, Gauri Deshpande, Marathi, Translated by Shashi Deshpande, Women Unlimited

8. Fever, Samaresh Basu, Bengali, Translated by Arunava Sinha, Random House India

9. Gopallapuram, Ki Rajanarayanan, Tamil, Translated by Pritham K. Chakravarthy, Penguin Books India

10. Harbart, Nabarun Bhattacharya, Bengali, Translated by Arunava Sinha, Westland Books

11. In Freedom's Shade, Anis Kidwai, Urdu, Translated by Ayesha Kidwai, Penguin Books India

12. Manik Da: My Life with Satyajit Ray, Nemai Ghosh, Bengali, Translated by S.K. Ray Chaudhuri, Harper Collins India

13. Nandanvan and Other Stories, Lakshmi Kannan, Tamil, Translated by Lakshmi Kannan, Orient Black Swan

14. No Crystal Stair, Ambika Sikar, Marathi, Translated by Ambika Sikar, Leadstart

15. Paper Bastion, Meera Kant, Hindi, Translated by Ranjana Kaul, Rupa & Co.

16. Poems Come Home, Sukrita, Urdu, Translated by Gulzar, Harper Collins India

17. Prisoner No. 100, Anjum Zamrud Habib, Urdu, Translated by Sahba Husain, Zubaan Books

18. Rumi: Poems, Jalaluddin Rumi, Urdu, Translated by Farrukh Dhondy, Harper Collins India

19. Seventeen, Anita Agnihotri, Bengali, Translated by Arunava Sinha, Zubaan Books

20. Sikandar, Binayak Banerjee, Bengali, Translated by Soma Ghosh, Westland Books

21. The Araya Woman, Narayan, Malayalam, Translated by Catherine Thankamma, Oxford University Press

22. The Empty Space, Geetanjali Shree, Hindi, Translated by Nivedita Menon, Harper Collins India

23. The Last Poem, Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali, Translated by Dilip Basu, Harper Collins India

24. The Mountain of the Moon, Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, Bengali, Translated by Jayanta Sengupta, Rupa & Co.

25. The Story of Felanee, Arupa Kalita, Assamese, Translated by Deepika Phukan, Zubaan Books

26. The Temple and the Mosque, Premchand, Hindi, Translated by Rakhshanda Jalil, Harper Collins India

27. When the Time is Right, Buddhadeva Bose, Bengali, Translated by Arunava Sinha, Penguin Books India

28. Yellow is the Colour of Longing, K.R. Meera, Malayalam, Translated by J. Devika, Penguin Books India


1. 103 Historical Mysteries Puzzles Conundrums And Stuff, Siddhartha Sarma, Scholastic India

2. 120 Days Around The Universe, Bittu Kumar, Cyberwit

3. A King Cobra'S Summer, Janaki Lenin, Pratham Books

4. A Walk Among Trees, Nimret Handa, Pratham Books

5. Ambili, Anita Vachhrajani, Pratham Books

6. Beyond The Blue River, B Vinayan, Tulika Publishers

7. Bishnu The Dhobi Singer, Subhadra Sen Gupta, Pratham Books

8. Buro Angla, Abanindranath Tagore, Scholastic India

9. Champa The Dreamer Journeys To The Land Of The Buddha, Asha Shankardass, Leadstart

10. Champa The Punjabi Kudi Discovers The Himalayas, Asha Shankardass, Leadstart

11. Cheep Cheep Drip Drip, Lubaina Bandukwala, Pratham Books

12. Chopped Green Chillies, Sam Mukherjee, Rupa & Co.

13. Doa Detective Files Trouble At The Taj, Sonia Chandrrachud, Penguin Books India

14. Espi Mai Is Stuck Again And Other Goan Tales, Anita Pinto, Goa

15. Fun In Devlok: An Identity Card For Krishna, Devdutt Pattanaik, Penguin Books India

16. Fun In Devlok: Saraswati's Secret River, Devdutt Pattanaik, Penguin Books India

17. Fun In Devlok: Gauri And The Talking Cow, Devdutt Pattanaik, Penguin Books India

18. Fun In Devlok: Indra Finds Happiness, Devdutt Pattanaik, Penguin Books India

19. Fun In Devlok: Kama Vs Yama, Devdutt Pattanaik, Penguin Books India

20. Fun In Devlok: Shiva Plays Dumb Charades, Devdutt Pattanaik, Penguin Books India

21. Ghosts Don't Eat, Sanket Pethkar, Scholastic India

22. Great Stories For Children, Ruskin Bond, Rupa & Co.

23. Growing Up In Pandupur, Adithi & Chatura Rao, Zubaan Books

24. Icky Yucky Mucky, Natasha Sharma, Zubaan Books

25. Kallu's World 1, Subhadra Sengupta, Pratham Books

26. Kallu's World 2, Subhadra Sen Gupta, Pratham Books

27. Mad And Madder Tall Tales Of A Fantastic Family, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Scholastic India

28. Mayil Will Not Be Quiet, Niveditha Subramaniam And Sowmya Rajendran, Tulika Publishers

29. Monkeys In My Backyard, Abanindranath Tagore, Scholastic India

30. Monster Slick And The Magic Umbrella, Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Scholastic India

31. Mumbai Rollercoaster, Rajorshi Chakraborti, Hachette India

32. Naughty Avantika, Prashant Pinge, Leadstart

33. No Dogs Please, Dheera Kitchlu, Serene Woods

34. One Night In The Sunderbans, Tannaz Daver, Leadstart

35. Paper Play, Mala Kumar, Pratham Books

36. Poetry Writing Made Simple 1: Teacher's Toolbox Series, Sarika Singh, Leadstart

37. Poetry Writing Made Simple 2: Teacher's Toolbox Series, Sarika Singh, Leadstart

38. Raja And The Giant Donut, Prashant Pinge, Leadstart

39. Russian Folktales, Scharada Dubey, Scholastic India

40. Sea Buddies: Book 2 The New Kid, Darsana Radhakrishnan, Leadstart

41. Sea Buddies: Book 1 The Singing Conch, Darsana Radhakrishnan, Leadstart

42. Spinning Top Stories Little People To Love And Share, Nitya Satyani, Leadstart

43. Tales From Sundervan, Neelam Chandra, Sahni Publications

44. Tales Of Historic Delhi, Premola Ghose, Zubaan Books

45. The Chattering Forest, Seema Chatterjee, Leadstart

46. The Enchanted Saarang, Asha Hanley, Tulika Publishers

47. The Golden Gate And Other Stories, Anita Pinto, GOA

48. The Kashmiri Storyteller, Ruskin Bond, Penguin Books India

49. The Kite Tree, Avanti Mehta, Tulika Publishers

50. The Mystery Of Mindnet, Aradhana Bisht, Scholastic India

51. The Mystery Of The Silk Umbrella, Asha Nehemiah, Scholastic India

52. The Phoo Phoo Baba And Other Stories Volume I, Aabid Surti, Pratham Books

53. The Secret Medallion, Sindhu Keshavamurthy, Power Publishers

54. The Seventh Sun, Manav Jalan, Pratham Books

55. The Story Of Solar Energy, Anushka Ravishankar, Scholastic India

56. The Timid Train, Bharati Jagannathan, Pratham Books

57. To The Principal, Shankar Musafir, Leadstart

58. Uncle Know All And Other Stories Volume II, Aabid Surti, Pratham Books

59. Wild Child And Other Stories, Paro Anand, Penguin Books India