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Oct 04, 2010 at 10:04pm IST

The grand opening gala to help Kalmadi get away?

New Delhi: After all the controversies and the criticism, has Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi proved a point with the spectacular opening ceremony of the Games?

His opening speech received both cheer and jeer from the crowds, but the ceremony has received universal applause. But what does all of it mean for the politician at the helm of the Commonwealth Games?

If all's well that starts well the man in the eye of the storm, Kalmadi, could be heaving a sigh of relief.

But it was not smooth sailing for Kalmadi even at the opening ceremony. He was jeered by a 60,000-strong crowd in front of his political boss Sonia Gandhi. For Kalmadi it’s all sounding different.

And even the BJP, which had been asking for Kalmadi's resignation earlier, is in no mood to take away from the spectacular ceremony.

Does this mean that Kalmadi will get another lifeline? Will the grand opening mean that Kalmadi may get away, with the Gandhis maintaining a low profile? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has promised action so the government may be forced to.

Many within the party feel that with international praise coming in Kalmadi may just have bought himself some breathing space. Investigation takes time and memories may fade and Kalmadi's organising clout may come to his rescue.

The Congress is still keeping the sword hanging on Kalmadi's head and said action will be taken against those found guilty.

Though Kalmadi's principal critic Mani Shankar Aiyar, who has boycotted the Games, told CNN-IBN that fireworks at Sunday's ceremony was nothing compared to the fireworks that will follow the CWG investigation to which Kalmadi had to say: “To each his own.”

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