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Jun 19, 2007 at 05:39pm IST

The man behind Rajinikant

New Delhi:Rajinikant drew crowds even in those early days of 1970’s when he was a bus conductor.

Raj Bahadur who took the driver’s seat for the BMTC on route 10A accompanied superstar Rajinikanth.

While other buses on the same route would go empty, this bus would see huge crowds.

SIVAJI: Rajinikanth's dear friend Raj Bahadur was the one who pushed him into working in movies.

These bus travelers used to only travel in the bus because the conductor had a style of his own. They only wanted to see the then stylish conductor now mega star.

Raj Bahadur is the man Rajini fans should thank. He is the person who pushed Tamil cinema’s icon into the spotlight.

“I asked him to try his luck in films. I knew he would definitely make it big. I told him to join the film institute in Chennai and not worry about it, as I would help him in whatever way possible for the two years,” he says.

For Bahadur, Rajinikanth still remains Sivaji - the friend, he still calls him by that names because that’s what he knew him as before he became a star.

“He likes to be called Sivaji. If I call him sir, he will beat me up,” laughs Bahadur.

He says that whenever he comes to his house, Rajinikanth eats and goes out with them just like earlier times. Nothing has changed between the two friends.

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