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Aug 22, 2006 at 09:09am IST

The powerpuff girls of virtual world

New Delhi: Think action games and the first image that probably pops up in your mind is that of a guy rippling with muscles and carrying enough firepower to start World War III.

But there are three women, who fit the bill, just as easily.


FEMME FATALE: There are some virtual women who fit the war bill as really as men heroes.

This sultry Dhampir (half human, half vampire) created ripples when she burst on to the screen in Majesco's third person actionfest, BloodRayne.

Clad in a leather outfit, you wouldn't want your wife to wear (in public that is) with blades attached to her hands, she was the perfect killing machine.

The agility she possessed while slicing and dicing Nazi soldiers, made people forget about Ms Croft for a while.

Besides, who could forget the most excellent pose, in which she sucks her prey dry of blood!

Lara Croft

Lara Croft was the pin-up girl for most adolescent teenagers, when she exploded on the gaming scene in xxx. For years, she ruled the roster with no significant competition.


In fact, her popularity spilled onto Hollywood with two Tomb Raider flicks starring Angelina Jolie.

For her latest outing in Tomb Raider Legend, she's become even more flexible and agile (if that was possible) and has had a certain makeover in a 'certain' region. This is one lady, who really knows how to explore.

Ayna Romanov

Most of you may have not heard of this high-profile jewel thief, but she was the star of xxx stealth based game, Stolen. In all honesty, the game was really bad, but that's not really the point here now, is it?

I'm sure the developers pumped a lot of time and energy in making her every bit as feline and agile as Catherine Zeta Jones's character in 'Entrapment'.

The game unfortunately buried itself as an extremely mediocre Splinter Cell clone, but Ayna on the other hand carved a nice little niche in the hearts of adolescent teenagers. This is one thief, I would not hand over to the cops!