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Aug 11, 2009 at 01:13pm IST

There's no threat to WBC: Thomas Lund

World Badminton Championship got off to a great start in Hyderabad on Monday with many top shuttlers in action. The security concerns that had arisen due to England pulling out of the tournament have been put to rest.

Badminton World Federation Chief Operating Officer Thomas Lund spoke to CNN-IBN Chief Sports Correspondent Digvijay Singh Deo and claimed that the tournament was never under terror threat.

"We are really happy that we are now away with the tournament. Games are getting on. Players are happy and they are fighting to win the matches. This is what the World Championships are all about," said Lund

CNN-IBN: It must have been bit tough after all that happened yesterday - the pullout and it may have affected the morale of the players? Once the action starts there is nothing better to look forward to.

Thomas Lund: Exactly, exactly. Yes it has been two very stressful days and I would like to be without those two days. We had to cope with that situation... very unfortunate with what happened. A lot of communication was actually false communication which we dismissed normally. But again a lot of things happen and some of the players actually got uncomfortable.

CNN-IBN: At no point was there any threat to the players. It was just an over reaction?

Thomas Lund: Well there have been no specific threats to this tournament. That was what was certainly stated in that newspaper article. There has been no such threats and I hope that certainly been no such threats.