Jan 23, 2012 at 09:12am IST

Thiyyas to move SC against Government order

KASARGOD: The dispute between the Thiyyas of Malabar and the Ezhavas of Travancore is soon to enter a stage of legal battle as the Thiyya organisations in Malabar have decided to challenge the state government order in the Supreme Court. Going by the strong resentment of the Thiyyas against the SNDP, it seems that the two communities are on the verge of parting ways.  The order by various departments including the state  Public Service Commission that Thiyyas have to write  ‘Ezhava’ in their application for jobs and government appointments is against a verdict of the Supreme Court dated March 28, 2006.
It now appears that the decision of the state government  to remove the Thiyya community from the purview of 14 per cent reservation for the OBCs would have far reaching consequences in Malabar.
The Supreme Court in the case of dispute between Hindu Nadars and Christian Nadars had given the verdict that both the communities come under the purview of other backward classes and they are entitled to get the 40 per cent reservation forthe OBCs.
The Supreme Court order dated March 28, 2006 has categorically stated the quantum of reservation as  14 per cent to Ezhavas and  Thiyyas, 10 to Muslims,  5 to Latin Catholics, SIUC and Anglo Indians, 1 per cent to backward Christians and 10 to OBC.  In the Supreme Court order, the Thiyyas and the Ezhavas together can claim 14 per cent reservation. But the state government has excluded the Thiyya community from the 14 per cent reservation.  As per the Supreme Court order, the government cannot exclude the Thiyya community from the purview of reservation and issue the  order that Thiyyas would  get reservation only if  they write ‘Ezhava’ in   applications.
But the state government removed the Thiyyas from the purview of reservation in defiance of the Supreme Court verdict.
The Thiyya Mahasabha and the Global Thiyya Initiate have decided to move the court against the injustice done to them by the state government under pressure from the SNDP and the Ezhavas.