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Mar 19, 2008 at 03:18am IST

Tibet and Communist connection in India | CJ video

New Delhi: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's defence is an indication of the pressure China feels from leaders across the world over its actions in Tibet. But he doesn't need to worry about one part of the Indian political spectrum – our own Communists.

“We hope Indian friends can see the nature of these instigating and conspiring activities,” Chinese Envoy Zhang Yang said with regard to the protests by Tibetans.

And the Chinese envoy's appeal to Indian friends does not seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Known for their vocal interventions on human rights violations across the globe, the Left has suddenly lost its voice over Lhasa. And this is one foreign policy issue over which they appreciate the Government’s tightrope walk.

“We are not keeping mum. The position of the Government of India is known and it is acknowledged that Tibet is an integral part of China,” CPI National Secretary D Raja said.

Some leaders of the Left are outraged at what they call the imperialist media's coverage of Lhasa, drawing parallels with the coverage of Nandigram. They warn that those who talk of Tibet should remember that Kashmir could well be India's Achilles’ heel.

“When something happens in my country or say Kashmir, I do not want anybody to interfere,” CPI leader Sitaram Yechury said.

The BJP may have followed the same circumspect policy vis-a-vis Tibet and China when in power, but would gladly berate the UPA and Left for being what they call ‘being more loyal than the king.’

"Both the Left and the Government have exposed themselves as far as Tibet is concerned,” BJP Vice-President Yashwant Sinha said.

Well for the Opposition and indeed a section of the Congress that went to town accusing the Left of batting for China by opposing the Indo-US nuclear deal, it’s an opportunity to say - ‘look I told you so.’

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