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Apr 15, 2008 at 11:35am IST

Tibetan protestors eyed as torch nears Delhi

New Delhi: The NSG commandoes and Chinese officials will be holding a mock drill for the Olympic torch.

As the countdown for the arrival of the torch in Delhi begins, there are some who are gearing up for the protests and there are some who are spreading the message of non-violence.

Twenty-six-year-old Pempa Tenzin is one of the youth who stormed into the Chinese Embassy in Delhi on March 21.

After spending a fortnight in Tihar, Pempa is back among the protesters and this time he is painting a 44-feet long banner to be used on the day when the Olympic torch will be brought into the capital.

So what are his plans for the 17th?

“What can I say? It is for the senior people to decide,” says Pempa Tenzin.

As Delhi Police and the NSG start their security drill for the Olympic torch relay, Tibetan groups in the Capital are burning midnight oil in preparation for the big day.

“I want to give a message of peace. There should only be non-violent protests,” says Chief of Cabinet, Kalon Tripa.

On the other hand, there young Tibetans, who are being watched for their plans for D-Day.

“I might do something on the 17th if required,” says Tibetan Protestor, Tenzin Tsundae.

With thousands of Tibetans gathering in the Capital, officials are keeping their fingers crossed for a peaceful run of the Olympic torch.