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Jun 20, 2007 at 02:21am IST

Brand Tihar is serious business

New Delhi: Tihar jail—the largest prison of South Asia is slowly gaining prominence for it’s brand value. The 13,000 inmates of this jail, trained and employed by various factories within the complex, manufacture a range of products.

Churning out a range of products from paper files, clothes, bread to furniture, Tihar's inmates are now moving towards Brand Tihar.

The Tihar jail complex housing thousands of convicts and under-trials is a place for those who are deemed unfit to live outside the confines of the prison walls, a popular image of this jail in West Delhi.

From paper factory, furniture section to weaving department—lawbreakers and criminals working in the Tihar jail have managed to create brand Tihar.

The prison is not just a place where social outcasts are banished, but also a place where convicts find vocational training and employment. Work allows the inmates to earn money.

"The demand is fantastic, you see in the recently conducted trade fair, our sales were six times more than the last year and now we have introduced one more outlet at Delhi Haat," said Director General Tihar Jail B K Gupta.

Tihar jail inmates make cardboard files and folders bought by Delhi High Court in large quantities. What an irony that the fate of these convicts gets sealed in the same cardboard files that they make with their own hands.

"Definitely and we are going to get it registered also. We'll have this trademark registered within the next one month," BK Gupta DG, Prisons.

Jail officials say that the Tihar products are going to flood the market. From things to eat, to things to wear—Tihar is giving them all. Who knows, tomorrow the Asia’s largest prison may develop into a full-fledged factory.

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