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Aug 28, 2012 at 01:55pm IST

Tamil Nadu: Captain Vijayakant loses his cool at 'spirited' DMDK cadre

Cuddalore: The extended birthday celebrations of DMDK founder, Vijayakant, who turned 60 on Saturday, turned chaotic on Sunday night at Cuddalore as the crowd turned unruly, prompting Captain to wonder loudly if it was alcohol that was causing the turbulence. Making pauses in his speech, Vijayakant gave a piece of his mind to the cadre, who were surging towards the stage causing inconvenience to the women, particularly those with babies. Many women, who were at the meeting venue to receive welfare assistance with children, had to be rescued by the police from the near stampede-like situation.

Earlier, when police intervened to control a section of the crowd that went berserk before Vijayakant arrived, speakers at the meeting criticised the police, forcing them to beat a retreat. Since then the crowd started moving towards the podium and also trampled upon the vegetables that were kept for distribution to beneficiaries of the welfare assistance.

After Vijaykant arrived, the cadre made him exchange garlands with his wife as a remembrance of his visit to Cuddalore the day after he tied the knot with Premalatha in Madurai, the same way he had come there a day after celebrating his birthday in Madurai.

TN: Captain loses cool at 'spirited' cadre

The extended birthday celebrations of DMDK founder, Vijayakant, who turned 60 on Saturday, turned chaotic.

Premalatha addressed the crowd first and then Vijayakant took the mike. With the boisterous crowd’s noise interrupting him, he admonished them and even said “Be quiet. If they beat you, I am not responsible for that.” Of course, many members of the party were seen with liquor bottles in their hands most of them were reeling under the influence of alcohol.

On his women cadre draping themselves in yellow, he said, “DMK women are wearing black sarees and AIADMK women are wearing white sarees. Those colours are bad. But DMDK’s women are wearing yellow sarees. Yellow is the most auspicious colour and is also the colour liked by Goddess.”