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Sep 03, 2012 at 12:44pm IST

Tamil Nadu: Mom tosses 2-year-old into well near Coimbatore

Coimbatore: In a gruesome incident, a woman allegedly killed her daughter by tossing the two-year old into a well in the city outskirts on Saturday night. She apparently thought the child would prove a hindrance to her plans to tie the knot for the second time. The victim, Jothy, was the daughter of 29-year-old K Narayini alias Nadhiya from Kandaramanickam, Tiruppathur in Sivagangai district, and Karuppaiah. A year into their marriage, Narayini and Karuppiah got a divorce and started living separately. Narayini then developed an affair with a local resident, Ramasamy (44), also a divorcee. Ramasamy worked with a bakery in Annur. Their relatives subsequently fixed their marriage.

On August 29, Narayini and Ramasamy’s relative, M Kamalaveni, went to Annur to oversee arrangements for the wedding, scheduled on September 11. Though she wanted to leave her daughter with her mother in Sivagangai, the child refused and insisted on accompanying Narayini. Reluctantly, Narayini took Jothy along to Coimbatore. Although Ramasamy assured Narayini that they could take care of Jothy after their marriage, Narayini apparently feared that the presence of her daughter would not augur well for her second marriage.

On Saturday night, Narayini tossed her two-year-old daughter into a well in Annur. Hearing a noise, those in the vicinity rushed to the spot and immediately informed police. Later, fire and rescue personnel fished out Jothi’s body from the well. As the child’s body surfaced soon after she was thrown in, police suspected that she could have been strangled before being tossed into the well.

TN: Mom tosses 2-year-old into well

A woman allegedly killed her daughter by tossing the two-year old into a well in the Coimbatore outskirts.

On Sunday, Narayini was arrested for her daughter’s murder and remanded in judicial custody. The incident has left the local residents in shock.