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Aug 17, 2007 at 04:14pm IST

To be a Mumbai cop, young hopefuls will do anything

Mumbai: People sleeping on the streets of Mumbai is not an unusual sight. But the people who are caught sleeping are not pavement dwellers.

In fact they are applicants for the post of police constable in the Maharashtra Police.

Many young men come from small villages across Maharashtra and have no place to stay in Mumbai.

And with the government providing them little support, they are forced to stay out on the streets.

“We are ready to do anything in order to be recruited. But there is no provision for anything, no food, no drink, nothing,” says a candidate, Rahul Patil.

“If it is a mater of getting a job then I can do anything. I can sleep in the pavements,” says another candidate, Vijay.

The police however, refused to comment on camera but they say they have at least provided security.

They say the applicants need not line up this early but the applicants feel their chances are better the earlier they get their forms in.

“There is tough competition. Everyone has come with a strong determination of being a police by hook or by crook,” says a candidate Vijay Rathore.

So for the thousand hopefuls, it is perhaps their first test of endurance, braving a night on the streets of Mumbai, and that too in the monsoon.

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