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Oct 04, 2012 at 09:31pm IST

To save the country, UPA must be ousted: Mamata Banerjee

New Delhi: Raising her pitch against the UPA Government, Trinamool Congress president and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said the government needs to be ousted.

"Today, yet another set of anti-people decisions of the Central Government have crossed the Laxman Rekha. These important decisions, which have direct bearing on the livelihood of millions of Indians, taken by a minority government, are immoral and unethical," Mamata posted on Facebook.

According to sources, the Cabinet on Thursday cleared as much as 26 per cent FDI in pension and raised the cap in insurance to 49 per cent. Currently, no foreign investment is allowed in the pension sector and only 26 per cent FDI is allowed in insurance. However, addressing a press conference Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram later said that if the cap in insurance is raised to 49 per cent, it will be increased to the same limit in pension too.

Opposing the decision, Mamata said these reform measures "will make lifelong saving of individuals totally insecure".

"Is it the intention of the UPA government to sell out the country? We should unitedly oppose all such moves and will not allow the government to be bailed out after a series of such anti-people decisions," she said on Facebook.

The West Bengal Chief Minister appealed to political parties to help her move no-confidence motion against the government in Parliament. "We have decided to meet the Honourable President with an appeal to oust the UPA-II minority government," she said.

"I will also appeal to those supporting the UPA to come out and oppose these moves in the greater interest of the people. Every countryman is watching your action," she wrote on Facebook.

"Sarkar jaana jaroori hai, desh ko bachane ke liye (This government needs to be ousted to save the country)," reiterated the Trinamool Congress chief.

Mamata, who withdrew her support from the government over reform measures like FDI in retail and increase in diesel price, was a key ally of the UPA. Since then, she has been targeting the government and the Congress alleging they have been looting the country on the name of 'aam aadmi' (comman man).