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May 20, 2010 at 07:40pm IST

Tough to get justice in India: Neelam Katara

Chandigarh: Neelam Katara, the mother who set an example of fighting against the high and mighty, says it is tough to get justice in India after the much-awaited verdict on former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore in the Ruchika Girhotra molestation case got deferred by five days.

A sessions court in Chandigarh was to deliver the verdict on Rathore's plea challenging his conviction by a CBI court on Thursday. Now it will be delivered on May 25.

Rathore was given six months sentence before he was out on bail after the verdict. CBI and Ruchika's family had appealed on enhancing his sentence.

After the verdict was deferred, Katara said: "It is very disappointing. Let the reason come out about why it has been deferred. Because that again has all kinds of misgivings. Someone who has been protected by a series of chief ministers, I am sure, has a lot to disclose if he is punished. And, possibly a lot of political support might be coming in as well.

"Definitely it is very difficult and especially now at this stage when you almost feel the justice will be done. The long fight for justice in this country is very difficult for any family to pass through. Aradhana's family and Ruchika's family need to be commended."

She says our laws need to be amended since most of those have been taken from the IPCC which is 200 years old and based on the condition in the United Kingdom.

"The law needs to be amended and sentences need to be enhanced. The complete process needs an overhaul as it is not geared to fight with all these kinds of problems which have come up and the delays caused by political pressure or by officers misusing their power," Katara pointed out.

Katara said, "There is a long way to go. Over these years the main reason why the rich and powerful delayed the case was because the witnesses were not available, the reports were not available."

To fight against powerful people is not easy. But then blame lies in the common man who makes them high and mighty. Although there are lots of loopholes, the system can still work, Katara hopes.

Katara's son Nitish was murdered by the son of a former Rajya Sabha MP D P Yadav from Ghaziabad.

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