May 10, 2012 at 01:46pm IST

Thiruvananthapuram: Traditional art forms a big hit at Technopark

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Techies are going back to their roots. Those who think that techies can enjoy only rock and cinematic dance, a visit to Technopark would change your mind. Some organisations in Technopark are conducting programmes which are rooted in the culture and heritage of the State. The recent functions organised in Technopark show that there is room for all kinds of art forms. Interestingly, techies have first-hand experience of a variety of traditional art forms.
 Natana, the fine arts club of Technopark, is planning a workshop on Koodiyattam by the end of this month. The success of a Kathakali performance in Technopark last year prompted the organisers to plan such an event.
 “The Kathakali performance had more than 200 viewers and most of them enjoyed it till the last moment. Most of them could understand the art form well,” said Anoop P Ambika, founder of Natana.
 “We are planning to conduct more traditional events like this. Natana has been formed to change the notion that techies are clueless about their culture,” he added.
 Pratidhwani, a recently-formed organisation of techies, has the sole aim of introducing events of high artistic value and cultural importance to Technopark. The organisation, led by around 15 techies from various companies, arranged the screening of the national-award winning film ‘Byari’ at Technopark recently. An open forum with its director Suveeran too was arranged. “There were more viewers than expected. The open form too was very interactive,” said Vinu P, a member of Pratidhwani.  “Every event in Technopark will have a fashion show and rock performance. I am not against this. But there must be space for other art forms too,” said Vinu.
 “I studied in an arts and science college and have seen a variety of programmes. People who passed out from an engineering college might not have such an exposure. So, we plan to arrange more such programmes in Technopark,” said Vinu.