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Jun 18, 2007 at 02:35am IST

Trisha gulps, gears up for new ad

Hyderabad: She is the numero uno actress of Tamil and Telugu film industry so it came as no surprise to Trisha when a leading soft drink brand decided to feature her again in their commercial.

However, this time to be aired across the country, not just the south of India.

The advertisement industry is known to rely on north Indian actresses, a trend followed by the south Indian film industry as well.

“North Indian girls are less conservative as compared to the south. When it come sot the clothes, the north Indian girls have a better advantage than us. But the trend is changing,” Trisha says.

But this barrier has clearly not affected Trisha's career.

In 1999, she won the Miss Chennai contest and went on to become the number one actress in Tamil and Telugu film industry. In 2006, she acted inanother Telugu film, Stalin with Chiranjeevi. The film created a record at the South Indian box office by collecting Rs 130.8 million in five days.

That’s the reason the actress isn't interested in Bollywood.

“I haven’t thought of it now. I’m very happy doing this. I think it takes up most of your time trying to maintain a balance. And if I ever venture into Bollywood, it should really be worth leaving all this behind,” she says.

However, for now, Trisha is busy juggling her new films and other special projects like shooting for the new ad.