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Jul 18, 2008 at 11:13pm IST

Deve Gowda reveals nothing, MDMK split wide

New Delhi: With both the Central Government and the Opposition getting ready for the Vote of Confidence on July 22, political events are now overtaking the politics.

Former prime minister HD Deve Gowda's mantra seems to be 'delay a decision as much as possible'.

At least for now when he realises that his two votes matter much to the UPA.

He agrees that the Prime Minister has spoken to him and will be coming over to Delhi and will meet Manmohan Singh and give his nod only after he is satisfied with what he is getting in return.

Vaiko's MDMK is literally a split down the middle. Vaiko and another of his MP will not vote for the deal.

But the two others, Gingee Ramachandran and L Ganeshan have struck a deal with the government and have already pledged their votes.

So, what does an angry Vaiko do? He has shot off a letter to Speaker Somnath Chatterjee asking him to disqualify them. But disqualification can only happen after the vote.

And trust votes can cause real confusion. Congress MP from Karnal in Haryana Arvind Sharma called a Press conference and praised Mayawati.

He said she had been victimised stressing that he supported her but then when asked whom he would vote for, he said Congress.